African Insurance Awards 2018

Insurance Company of the Year 2018

This category is open to all African registered insurance companies and will focus on the last 2 years’ performance. The Selection Committee members will be looking for a company that can demonstrate a commitment to meet customer needs and deliver high quality service across all its activities as part of a broad strategic vision. This should be coupled with a proven track record of success in terms of profitable expansion in existing or new markets.

The company must also have identified and then successfully adopted an underwriting strategy in a market, niche or otherwise. The company should be able to demonstrate a real commitment to meet the needs of customers, coupled with delivering high quality service. This should be supported with evidence of a proven track record of growth, profitability and a clear strategy to deliver future growth. The category will also focus on a clearly demonstrated level of excellence in customer care backed by clear standards and validated monitoring of performance. In particular, the Selection Committee members will be looking for proof of the impact of an innovative customer care strategy on persistent levels and client satisfaction.

CEO of the year 2018

This special award will be presented to a CEO of an insurance company who has made an outstanding contribution in the last 12 months through the advancement of the company that employs him or the wider insurance industry. The winner will be someone who has led a profound change within a business through strategic vision and/or successful merger or acquisition; or has helped the wider sector through his engagement with stakeholders, regulators and politicians to effect a notable change that boosts the industry’s standing in the eyes of the public and insurance market. This award will also consider the outstanding contribution the CEO has made to the success of the insurance industry through his career.

Innovation of the year 2018

This award will be given to an insurance company that excels in the use of technology, launching of a breakthrough product / services or a new and innovative distribution channel. Covering client-company and company-company relationships, this award will reward any company that has fully engaged customers through a multitude of platforms, products, service delivery approaches to enhance their end-to-end insurance journey.

Evidence of success in applying the latest technologies, structured products, distribution techniques and generating profitable business as part of a holistic response to the digital shift, community needs and the effectiveness and efficiency of distribution channels will be among the key considerations.This award will focus on business and administrative processes to deliver superior products and services. Insurers will demonstrate that the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their business administration have been enhanced by the application of new information and communication technology (ICT) and the introduction of new products and distribution techniques. The Selection Committee members will be looking for evidence of greater efficiency, better customer service, meeting community needs, lower error rates, evidence of enhanced customer satisfaction, integrated adoption of tools and techniques such as data analytics and effective implementation of ICT within agreed budgets and timetables.