African Insurance Awards 2017


Insurance Company of the Year


Britam Insurance

Reason for nomination

Summary of customer-centric initiatives

• Rolled-out Auto SMS reminders to clients on their renewals

• Actively participated in the Industry's Public awareness campaigns to inform the Public about Insurance and popularise Insurance amongst the Public,

• Simplified the Claims Process to ensure improved Claims turnaround times

• Was instrumental in the Industry drive to simplify Motor Third Party Claims Process to make it more friendly to the Claimants in the event of Injury/death

Evidence of customer satisfaction

• Glowing feedback on most Claims Discharge Vouchers (DV) from Claimants and you can sample any DV and see the excellent feedback

• 90% Renewal Retention in 2016 as testimony to excellent service hence guaranteed renewals of all Profitable business

• Annual Growth of 20% in a market that shrunk in 2016 (Provisional 2016 results indicate that General Business shrunk by 3%) and Britam was one of the 3 Companies out of top 10 Companies to post growth and excluding Medical, Britam was the only Company to post growth in 2016 out of Top 10 Insurance Players!