African Insurance Awards 2017


Insurance Company of the Year


Islamic Insurance Company Ltd

Reason for nomination

Summary of customer-centric initiatives

• Strategic plan and pledge to raise of insurance awareness in the Sudanese insurance market.

• Prioritize customers’ empowerment.

• Launched the Call Center services as the first insurance companies in Sudan.

• Handlers are equipped with right skills set and tools to support a multichannel offering.

• Trained customer service staff in the field of customer and communication protocols.

• Instills and clearly communicates a corporate strategy focused on customer’s centric innovation, collaboration and empowerment of employees to spot customers improvement.

• Significant culture changes from short- to long term strategic decision – making.

• Adopted the leading best practices in the field of insurance after the company was awarded the ISO 9001, 2015 From the British Standard Institute.

Brief of any merger and acquisition

• Islamic Insurance Co. is considered as the first Company in the world to apply Cooperative Insurance (Islamic Model) since 1979.

• Obtain 29.34% from the National Reinsurance Company Stocks in 2016, it’s a Semi-governmental company which works in reinsurance where all direct insurance companies in Sudan are obliged by the Law to Place 50% of its portfolio in this company.

• IIC has stocks share in AL-Faisal Financial Transactions Company Limited.

Evidence of customer satisfaction

• Examined the quality of insurance services and its impact on customers' satisfaction through questionnaires from primary sources

• Used SPSS program and alpha Cronbach's coefficient method to analyze the questionnaire.

• The study found that the company's customers are satisfied with the insurance services provided by 91%.

• A strong correlation between the level of customer satisfaction and variables of quality insurance service dimensions

• Company's customers have a sense of confidence that the company possesses a high financial capability and employees’ readiness to provide every possible assistance, with a rate of satisfaction of 96% and 98% respectively.

• Recommendations displayed more importance to the customer service department; due to its role in the treatment and follow up on complaints and problems of customers,

• Attracting new customers and creating a cordial relationship with the existing customers.

• The company gives a close monitor and supervision when the employees deal with customers, train, motivate and encourage them to spread the culture of empathy with customers, that there be a tactful & Calmly employee award.