African Insurance Awards 2017


CEO of the year


Britam Insurance Uganda Limited, Uganda

Reason for nomination

Experience in the Industry

• Been in the Insurance Industry in Uganda since Graduating from Makerere University

• Worked with Top Insurers in the market:

- Underwriter Trainee in 1994 with Panworld Insurance

- Claims Management at AIG

- Claims Manager & Technical Manager at UAP and UAP

• Joined the African Trade Insurance Agency in 2008 pioneering Trade Credit Risk Insurance and Political and Investment Risk Insurance

• Responsible for issuance of the first Political Violence Terrorism & Sabotage XoL Treaty in Uganda

• Placed huge PVT risks in the Lloyd's Market in London.

• GM at UAP before joining Britam Uganda as CEO from 16th Dec 2013.

Insurance Qualifications & Awards

• (Hons) with Insurance Majors, ACII London Chartered Insurer ACII

Contribution to / achievement in the Industry

• Currently Vice Chairman of Uganda Insurers Association

• Responsible for the fight on VAT. Insurers now only pay VAT on collected Premiums.

• Currently part of the top Industry Executive that is a driving force to amend Tax Laws.

• Was part of the Publicity Committee of the Insurers Association that pioneered training and Public Insurance awareness drives.

• Pioneered Trade Credit Risk Insurance and Political Risks and Investment Risks Insurance in the Country.