African Insurance Awards 2017


Innovation of the year


Jubilee Insurance Company

Reason for nomination

Category of Innovation: Technology

Value proposition of the Innovation

• Extending the use of our Medical BIOMETRIC Card currently in use for Medical claims management to mobile money transactions by clients.

• Use of mobile money technology applications to obtain cover as well as claim settlement.

Evidence of Innovation/impact on the community and the insurance market

• Jubilee insurance's Biometric cards have are enable for NFT, GSM connectivity. This has enabled customer s to extend application to other mobile money transactions.

• Customer can load mobile money on our biometric cards and use the same card for their other transaction e.g. paying for utilities, groceries, etc. at outlets and ATMs. This has introduced (a) ease of settling premiums, (b) claims can be paid to their cards, (c) Security since they do need to carry money with them (d) convenience.

• Use of mobile phones to obtain immediate cover. By following prompts on their phones a customer can subscribe to a basic accident cover, obtain cover without visiting any outlet. This service is available 24/7 and takes 5 minutes for the process to complete. Claims are equally settled through the phone and mobile money connectivity.